Business Service Management

Report Formatting for Success with SAP BusinessObjects

Bridging IT Skills Gaps to Transform Your Business

Calculating the Business Value of Disaster Recovery

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of ERP Change Management

Replacing Brio

Nine Steps to Building a Business-Oriented Disaster Recovery Plan

The 4 Roadblocks of Data Preparation

Think Like a CIO: 5 Key Virtual + Physical Data Protection Takeaways

5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Data Backups

How to Choose a Cloud Application Acceleration Vendor

Understanding Policy-Driven Application and Data Delivery Options

Considerations for Delivering Windows as a Service to Mobile End Users

Resolving BYOD Challenges and Enabling Workplace Mobility

Real World Considerations for Implementing Desktop Virtualization

Streamlining Data Migration

Preserving Data Availability

Data Protection in Dynamic Environments

Unified Platform for Data Protection

New Best Practices in Virtual and Cloud Management: Performance, Capacity, Compliance, and Workload Automation

Successful HR Outsourcing Strategies

Risks and Realities of Outsourcing Human Resources

The Business Drivers for Outsourcing Human Resources

Managing Your IT Environment: Four Things You’re Doing Wrong

Taking a Fresh Look at Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Aligning Storage to Serve Business

Security Controls In Enterprise Storage Solutions

Compliance Impact on Business Continuity

Business Continuity Cost Management

Maximizing Storage Resources and Solutions

Securing Availability and Business Continuity

Tales from the Trenches: My Life with Backup 2.0

Redesigning Backup: Is It Really Worth It?

When Everything Fails: What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Keeping Your Backups—Storage Architecture

Windows Application and Server Backup Concerns and Capabilities

Transforming to an Environment of User Workspace Management

Tying Security to People, Not Devices

Personalization Equals Content + Context

User Workspace Management

Communicating the Hidden Value of IT

Successfully Adding Business Intelligence to a Midsize Company

Debunking the Top‐Three Myths of Business Intelligence for Midsize Companies

How Business Intelligence Happens

Achieving Business Intelligence in Midsize Companies

Problem Resolution in Virtualized Environments

Automating Change Management in Virtualized Environments

Virtualization Automation—The Service-Centric Approach

Virtualization and Service Automation

Emerging Technologies for a More Transparent, Connected Government

Distributing Contact Centers for On‐Shore Savings

Using Teleworking for a Greener, More Efficient Government

Effective Asset Management

Effective Management Consolidation

Recovery Management Scenarios for Small Businesses to Emerging Enterprises

Top‐5 Operational Challenges in Recovery Management and How to Solve Them

Breaking Through Technical Barriers to Effective Recovery Management

The Business Case for Recovery Management

Relating High‐Availability Metrics to Business Value

Matching High‐Availability Technology with Business Needs

High Availability’s Spectrum of Cost and Capabilities

Improving Government Services Through Unified Communications

Creating a Well‐Managed Data Center

Creating a Well‐Managed Service Management Strategy

Implementing Virtual Desktops

Understanding the Business Benefits of Managed Services

Understanding Managed Services

Best Practices for e‐Document Collaboration and Exchange

Using e‐Documents to Meet Business and Operational Requirements

The Top Four Considerations in Improving Document Creation and Collaboration

The Evolution of Content Sharing and the Changing Concept of the “Document”

The Power of Rapid Application Failover

Defining the Peril of Application Downtime

Is Your Mainframe Application Working as Hard as You Are?

Delivering and Assessing Your IT Portfolio

Prioritizing Projects and Investment Decision Making

Capturing IT Demand

Improving Your Business through IT Portfolio Management

What IT Operations Need to Know About Data Protection Implementation

How Information Security Leaders Need to Address Data Protection Within the Business Context

What Corporate Compliance Leaders Need to Know About Data Protection

What Corporate Business Leaders Need to Know About Data Protection

Leveraging Virtualization for High Availability and Business Continuity

The Future of Unified Communications in Retail

The Retail Challenge—Large and Small Approaches

Realizing the IT Management Value of Infrastructure Management

Delivering Infrastructure Management

Understanding the Business Value of Infrastructure Management

Leveraging Your Existing Infrastructure for Enterprise Data Protection

Virtual Machine Environments: Data Protection and Recovery Solutions

Lowering Costs of Data Protection through Deduplication and Data Reduction

Getting Started—How to Evaluate Vendors

Identifying High Impact Areas for Automation

Roadmap for the Automation Journey

Introduction to IT Process Automation

Business Processes

Data Center Virtualization

Policy Enforcement

Application Infrastructure Management

Data Center Service Level Agreements

Data Center Auditing

Automating Server Provisioning

Data Center Automation

Run Book Automation Benefits and Best Practices

Common RBA Use Cases

Key Ingredients for Run Book Automation Systems

Run Book Automation

Automating the Service Lifecycle

Service Operations and Business Service Management

Service Transition, Change, and the Service Desk

The Business Value of IT Operations Service Life Cycle Management

Protecting Business Data

Roadmap for Successful ITIL Service Support Implementation

Supporting Compliance Through ITIL

Effective Incident and Problem Management

Effective Change Management

ITIL Overview and Challenges

Extended Application-Layer Visibility Across Multiple Mobile Network Peering Points

Maintain the Integrity of Election Systems

Roadmap to Implementing Service-Oriented Systems Management Services

Quality Delivery

Performance Testing

Functional Testing—Verifying Quality

Development—Quality Practices

Design—Building Quality In

Requirements — Quality from the Beginning

What’s Your Quality Level?

Costs of Quality, Barriers to Quality, Benefits of Quality

What Is Application Quality, and Who Cares?

Quality Application Delivery

Identity Management Standards

A Ciso Guide to Modern Security Architecture

Implementing a Fabric Architecture to Secure the Entire Organization, Meet the Demands of Compliance and Governance, and Proactively Manage Risk

Practicing Enterprise Change Management

Managing Change in Enterprise Conten

Managing Change in System Configurations

Managing Change in the Software Development Lifecycle

Examining the Nature of Enterprise Change Managemen

Enterprise Change Management

Effective Service Availability Management and Capacity Planning

Active Directory Security

Trends in Internet Access Protection for Business Integrity and Compliance

The Evolving Landscape of Protecting Internet Access

Protecting Business Internet Usage

Applying the Provisioning Technology

User Management

Provisioning and the Management of Users

Protection at the Client Level

Email Content Dangers

A Primer on BSM

Integrating BSM with ITIL and Six Sigma

Achieving IT Value

Achieving Operational Value

Achieving Management Value

End User Experience Monitoring

Implementing Business Service Management

IT Service Management Evolution

The Alignment of IT and Business

The Power of Business Service Management

Communications for the Modern Workplace

Additional Azure Services

What is Power BI?

Enterprise Automation Brings Confidence and Control to Managing File Transfers

Implementing a Sender Validation Solution in Your Company

Sender Validation Solutions

Spam and Spam Filtering Methods

Communications-Enabled Business Processes for Service and Solution Providers

Communications-Enabled Business Processes in the Enterprise Environment

Download Group Policy Administrative Template