Hugh Randall Syme: In 1943 he was awarded the George Cross "for great bravery and undaunted devotion to duty".[3] He had carried out nineteen mine-recovery operations. The most important had taken place in November 1942 at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, where he defused a new mine known as a Type T. He had to hang upside down in a mudhole and endure painful electric shocks while insulating the wires for the detonator. His George Cross made him the most decorated member of the Royal Australian Navy at that time. He returned to Australia in 1943 and set up a mine disposal unit at HMAS Cerberus. However the unit was not used operationally, as the US Navy controlled mine clearance operations in the Pacific area.
Machine + Soul: Numan later said that in 1993, "Nothing was right...That music, those clothes, that haircut. Imagine falling off a ship in the ocean, knowing if you stop swimming you're finished. That's what I was doing then. I was trying not to die."[2]
Gillois: As of the census of 1999, the population was 119. The estimation for 2007 was 145.
Intelligent character recognition: Most ICR software has a self-learning system referred to as a neural network, which automatically updates the recognition database for new handwriting patterns. It extends the usefulness of scanning devices for the purpose of document processing, from printed character recognition (a function of OCR) to hand-written matter recognition. Because this process is involved in recognising hand writing, accuracy levels may, in some circumstances, not be very good but can achieve 97%+ accuracy rates in reading handwriting in structured forms. Often to achieve these high recognition rates several read engines are used within the software and each is given elective voting rights to determine the true reading of characters. In numeric fields, engines which are designed to read numbers take preference, while in alpha fields, engines designed to read hand written letters have higher elective rights. When used in conjunction with a bespoke interface hub, hand-written data can be automatically populated into a back office system avoiding laborious manual keying and can be more accurate than traditional human data entry.
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Harry Brown (North Carolina Politician): Harry Brown is a Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly. He represents the state's sixth Senate district, which consists of Jones and Onslow counties. He is serving his second term in the Senate, having defeated Democratic incumbent Cecil Hargett in 2004 and challenger Carolyn Pittman-Dorsey in 2006.
Wikidumper.org: WikiDumper.org is a website created by Clifford A. Pickover that promises to permanently record a snapshot of the "best of the Wikipedia rejects", articles that are slated for deletion at the site. WikiDumper was launched on November 4, 2006, and accepts user submissions. Although the site doesn't specify its criteria for inclusion, many of its articles don't cite their sources. The site has been criticized as likely to be less accurate than Wikipedia. [1]
List of ice hockey teams in Nova Scotia: The following is a list of ice hockey teams in Nova Scotia, past and present. It includes the league(s) they play for, and championships won.
Lehigh River: Fast Facts About Lehigh River. Lehigh Earth Observatory's Envirosci Inquiry. Retrieved on 2008-05-05.
Woodstock (Peanuts): Woodstock and his fellow yellow birds (named Bill, Harriet, Olivier, Raymond, Fred, Roy and Conrad) often join Snoopy for group activities, with Snoopy as the de facto leader. Most frequently they embark on Beagle Scout expeditions with Snoopy as Scoutmaster, though they have also formed football and ice hockey teams (on one occasion a football team composed of Snoopy and the birds defeated a human football team led by Peppermint Patty). Although all but Raymond (who is darker) look alike, Snoopy seems to be able to tell them apart.
Miguel Villalta: 1 Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only. * Appearances (Goals)
D. C. Fontana: The makers of Deep Space Nine have said that the character of science fiction writer "K. C. Hunter" (played by Nana Visitor) was inspired by Fontana.
GotVoice: Today the company's CEO is Curt Blake and the company is based in Kirkland, Washington.
J. M. Weston: J.M. Weston shoes are sold in its own Boston and New York boutiques or in luxury department stores such as Harvey Nichols.
Novara: The S11 trunk road from Milan and Magenta passes through Novara on its way to Vercelli and Turin. Trunk roads to the north and south also link Novara to the motorway network.
F5D Skylancer: Vought: FU  • XF2U  • F3U  • F4U  • XF5U  • F6U  • F7U  • F8U/XF8U-3
Naotake Hanyu: 1 Shiota • 2 Moniwa • 3 Sahara • 4 Bruno Quadros • 5 Nagatomo • 6 Konno • 7 Asari • 8 Fujiyama • 9 Cabore • 10 Kajiyama • 13 Hirayama • 15 Emerson • 16 Ikegami • 17 Kanazawa • 18 Ishikawa • 19 Gonda • 20 Kawaguchi • 21 Abe • 22 Hanyu • 23 Morimura • 24 Akamine • 25 Tokunaga • 26 Koyama • 27 Kurisawa • 28 Suzuki • 29 Yoshimoto • 30 Otake • 31 Ogi • 32 Kondo • 33 Mukuhara • 34 Hironaga • 35 Shimoda • Manager: Jofuku
Ruthenians and Ukrainians in Czechoslovakia (1918–1938): Ukrainophile and Russophile tendencies were strengthened by the large influx of émigrés following the war. The Ukrainophiles were largely members of the Eastern Catholic Churches and espoused autonomy within Czechoslovakia. Some favored union with Soviet Ukraine. The Ukrainophiles were represented by the Ruthenian National Christian Party led by Avhustyn Voloshyn. Russophile Ruthenians were largely Greek Orthodox and also espoused Ruthenian autonomy. They were organized politically in the Agricultural Federation, led by Andrej Brody, and the fascist-style Fencik Party. Hungarians populated a compact area in southern Ruthenia. They were represented by the Unified Magyar Party, which consistently received ten percent of the vote in Subcarpathian Ruthenia and was in permanent opposition to the government. The communists, strong in the poor province, attempted to appeal to the Ukrainian element by espousing union with Soviet Ukraine. In 1935 the communists polled 25 percent of the Ruthenian vote. The elections of 1935 gave only 37 percent of the Ruthenian vote to political parties supporting the Czechoslovak government. The communists, Unified Magyars, and autonomist groups polled 63 percent.
List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 426: 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104
976 deaths: The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. Updates to this list can occasionally be delayed for a few days.
Tan Uyen: Tan Uyen (Vietnamese: Tân Uyên), is a district (huyện) of Binh Duong Province in the Southeast region of Vietnam.
Denyen: On etymological grounds, the Denyen are also identified with Adana, in Cilicia, where a people of this name may have settled in late Hittite Empire times. They are also believed to have settled in Cyprus. These areas also show evidence of close ties with the Aegean as a result of the Late Helladic IIIC 1b pottery found in these areas. Most Biblical scholars now believe that the Tribe of Dan originated as one of the groups of Denyen, who according to the Bible are believed to have settled with their ships in the area between Ekron and Joppa, hence remaining on their ships in the early Song of Deborah, and not having Israelite land to their name[1][2]. Others claim that they were forced to move away from the Mediterranean coast by the Philistines, moving as a group to conquer Laish subsequently becoming known as (Tel Dan), from the Sidonian Phoenicians who formerly ruled the site. The Book of Exodus describes how the Danites were the largest group in the Exodus from Egypt, and the story of Samson has been suggested to be a classic solar Aegean tale, retold from a Yahwistic point of view. The Danites also preserved stories of their genealogy from the family of Moses down to historic times[citation needed].
Alex Taylor (footballer): Taylor began his career with Dundee United and played over thirty league games for the Tannadice team before leaving for Hamilton Academical in 1986. During his time at Douglas Park, Taylor picked up a Scottish First Division winners' medal and was crowned the SPFA Players' Player of the Year for the First Division before heading to Walsall in 1988. Taylor returned to Scotland in 1990 with Falkirk and went on to make just over fifty league appearances for the Bairns. After spending the latter part of the 1992-93 season on loan at Partick Thistle, Taylor moved there permanently after the summer, playing sixty-three league matches over a two-year period. Similar spells with Raith Rovers, Ross County and Forfar Athletic followed, with Taylor picking up a Scottish Third Division winners' medal during his time with County. After leaving Forfar in January 2001,[1] Taylor was training with Airdrie but failed to win a deal as the club were struggling with severe financial issues.[2] Taylor subsequently retired from professional football and now runs a number of businesses in Hamilton and Kirkaldy.
Sultans of the Ottoman Empire: A chronological list can be found at Ottoman Dynasty#Heads of the House.
Rao Bahadur Sheth Curumsey Damjee: He used to do a lot of work related to the Bombay Port through his company Curumsey Damjee and Sons. He was given the honorific title "Rao Bahadur" by the then British government in India for his good work. A scholarship was instituted at the University of Mumbai after him.
No. 9 Operational Group RAAF: Although Hewitt was performing an "excellent job" according to Fifth Air Force commander Lieutenant General Ennis Whitehead, he was transferred from his post in November 1943 by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal George Jones, over accusations of poor discipline within 9OG. He was replaced by Air Commodore Frank Lukis, who had commanded Northeastern Area in 1942.[3][7]
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